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Thermal Solutions
Thermal Imaging Solutions
Thermal imaging technology helps us monitor and identify the conditions of buildings. This technology helps us to pre plan preventative maintenance solutions on heating and insulation. In today’s steadily increasing climate change we endeavor to stay ahead as one of the leading companies using Thermal Imaging Services to help explain and give advice to our clients on the possibilities of changing the heat loss problems they are experiencing and for them to become more energy efficient.

Energy Loss Detection
Infrared thermography is a powerful and non-invasive technique used to monitor and diagnose the condition of all types of buildings.

The Flir system infrared camera enables us to carry out the following services:
(a) Pre planned preventative maintenance on M&E systems.
• Detect areas susceptible to mould build up.
• Find badly insulated areas of a building.
• Find leaks in underground pipes.
• Supervise new constructions.

The benefits of using infrared for architects are to demonstrate areas of possible Energy Savings; Minimisation of repair, Cost Savings and the M&E system can be fully operational during the infrared survey. By highlighting areas where heat is being lost a client can take measures to insulate those therefore save on fuel and be more efficient on their usage.

As surveys can be carried out whilst all equipment is operational, during normal working hours everyday operations are not disrupted.

Preventative Maintenance 
Thermal images of the affected building are generated from invisible thermal radiation using our thermal camera. The camera we use is the Flir Therma Cam. Most components that use or transmit power get hot before failure and thermal imaging can instantly locate such hot spots prior to an electrical or mechanical failure.

Infrared can also be used to detect abnormalities to buildings which result in energy loss and this can help catch minor building faults before they become major areas of concern. As Inspections can be safely carried out while electrical and mechanical systems are in operation we can assess the performance of switch gear, breakers, fuses, electrical panels, transformers and distribution boards.

Mechanical targets for hot spots include boilers, pumps, pulley systems, heating pipes and compressors.
The survey report may be generated in a clear and concise format allowing the customer to assess maintenance costs against energy loss.

Camera Specification
Flir ThermaCam captures the thermographic properties of the image at 50Hz making it possible to scan moving objects.

A state of the art, uncooled microbolometer allows us to measure temperature differences as small as 0.08C allowing easy identification of heat anomalies. The outstanding, noise free high resolution images 320 x 240 pixels offering more than 76000 individual measuring points per image at a refresh rate of 50/60Hz

An LCD screen gives continuous information about the status of status of specific camera functions including freezing and storing of images. The images are stored as full radiometric Jpegs.

Images can also be transferred using the enhanced connectivity option which features a digital USB link connection. Automated report generation function for downloading into the new ThermaCam reporter software allowing post-analysis and the production of clear professional inspection reports.

Proven Benefits
The feedback received from our customers has demonstrated the benefits of using the thermal imaging camera are as follows:

• Early Warnings Signs on Equipment Failure
• Savings on Downtime of Equipment
• Helps Maintaining Running Equipment in Power Stations
• Saving Money
• Saving Time
• Eco Friendly for Residential Houses 

If you have any concerns regarding heat loss, the overheating of electrical circuits or the operational of heating & ventilation equipment please feel free to contact Euro Electrix.
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