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Euro Electrix a unique company with a unique product offering! Through our experience and knowledge of the Oil and Gas, and Petro Chemical and Power industry, we provide a highly professional and dedicated team to fully manage and complete all aspects of your project! All our operations are conducted with efficiency and with the end customer in mind. Flexibility, Ingenuity, Open communication are the hallmarks of a strong partnership which we deliver with pride. We constantly strive to achieve the best possible conclusion for each specific task. We are proud of our track record and growth. Our success is based on sound principles and attention to detail with an outstanding record of safety and project management.

All our operations are carried out in a safe and careful manner. Our health and safety is paramount to our success, and is constantly upgraded with the progression of each individual task. Because of the education and vigilant awareness of our staff we have reached an outstanding safety record with 0 LTI`s for seven years.

With our project management, and specialized team we maintain our high standard all the way through from deconstruction, marking up, Shipping and reconstruction. Every phase of each project is designed and monitored to maximize value to the end customer. The ability to deconstruct, recycle and refurbish large plant frees up capital for our clients when faced with the costs of new build. Our team of engineers provide considerable depth and breadth of experience in several countries across a range of projects that include commercial, educational, industrial, residential, retail, hospitality, medical and government facilities.

In the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering, there is no margin for error. Designing, installing and completing M&E contracts to meet today's rigorous standards of excellence, demands the depth of experience that can only be gained over time and through managing a wide diversity of projects.

We have within several countries between our engineers a century of experience in handling all areas of Mechanical and Electrical installations, designing and commissioning solutions for contracts from a few thousand to multi-million pounds and giving our clients peace of mind by completing jobs within deadline and on budget with no hassle or complications. We are a progressive company, constantly seeking new ways to stay at the forefront of innovative engineering technology. With todays need for renewable energy systems, we have available technologies that can deliver a solution to our countries waste at the same time creating renewable energy for our electrical distribution system leading to a reduction of cost for the end consumer and bringing us into line with the rest of Europe.

PowerStation: Installation and maintenance
Euro Electrix working along side some of the best like Premier Power, Ansaldo, Enelpower, can boast that they have completed several large installation projects and also refurbishments and maintenance of large dual fired turbines.With technical expertise and the correct project management, projects like CCGT`s can easily be installed or overhauled, on time and within budget for any client. Here at Euro Electrix, we take control of the specific projects, expertly plan and manage, construction and maintenance to alleviate any foreseen flaws so wasted time is kept to an absolute minimum. A dedicated team of experienced personnel with an outstanding safety record are put in place and engineers, technicians then carry out all activities under strict supervision at all times, this has proven in the past to keep LTI`s to zero. Power stations, CCGT`S, petro-chemical plants, refinery's and major industrial plants are well within our scope of works, and with our door of opportunity always open, we welcome all new clients and enquires.

Deconstruction when project managed correctly with the correct engineers and skilled professions can be quite straight forward and stress free. This depends on key factors like the marking up. Once in place, removing plant and shipping is planned with ease. The process is logged and stored so the plant can be rebuilt at its new destination with the information at hand. ASSET MARKING Asset marking plays an integral role within the process. Through experience and research, we have built and tailored a complete asset management software package which ensures that all equipment is identified, allocated its own unique asset transfer number (ATN) and subsequently fully tracked from the initial dismantling stage to the loading of items into shipping containers. Our system delivers unparalleled confidence to the end user and eliminates any technical risk involved in large asset transfer operations. Along with the built-in "Quality Control" program, Euro Electrix have strict control measures which guarantee that all equipment is properly labeled, dismantled, loaded into containers or break bulk shipping devices, before being transported to the final destination.

Our technical department boasts a high level of customer satisfaction, with proven results. Over the course of its development based on feedback from various jobs, we have created a user friendly software package to cater for all your requirements during the reconstruction phase. Taking the Pain out of Reassembly... Following the completion of a project, the customer receives full documentation in the form of softcopy and a database, including an extensive set of photographs which are referenced to specific parts of the marked drawings and can be used as reference during re-erection.

Full visibility of all the unique asset transfer numbers through the Project life cycle from beginning to end. Plant plot plans can be divided into separate areas and further sub-areas which asset transfer numbers are referenced to - allowing the customer to set out any amount of reconstruction areas / stores, or isolate all of the items from a certain system or equipment setup.

In addition to the tracking of items from dismantling to shipping, equipment locations can be further altered upon arrival at the end destination, creating full traceability of all items, from the unloading of containerized objects and break bulk equipment to certain lay-down areas or through any required refurbishment stages. The Power of a Database. The fully integrated database is a powerful tool that enables a user to filter a broad range of information. Controlling Scrap and Waste. Any scrap small bore piping / corroded spring supports etc. can also be recorded and a bill of materials supplied to the customer. Ease of Use for the End User.

Full assembly instructions and reports can be formed based on the plant dismantling sequence, as well as the chance to generate hard copy work packs for specific plant areas or systems. Conversion of Old Data. If required, out of date construction drawings can be revised and altered to facilitate the re-assembly process. equipment. Asset transfer numbers can be filtered by plant area, item type, pipeline number, equipment number etc., creating efficient search and location procedures and giving the opportunity to devise "picking lists" associated with any reconstruction site lay-down areas.

Full plant equipment lists, instrumentation lists etc. can be devised, along with the potential for gathering the number of salvaged items - right down to the amount of spectacle plates salvaged throughout a project! During the Asset marking process, our technicians can provide a clear definition of materials / gaskets / weld procedures required for reconstruction, which can be filtered by area, pipeline or drawing section.

This is only one part of the specialized process involved in moving large plants We have a team of highly qualified personnel ready to travel anywhere around the globe to assist clients to deconstruct the plant they require and relocate it to wherever they desire.


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