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Every new year there is new regulations and updates constantly arising we endeavour to ensure all of our technicians attend the relevant courses to stay in front of a now very safety conscious workplace.
The facilities are here to test all types of fixed wiring systems from the simplest minor works to a complete large installation.

Today’s society wants more certificates for installations and more periodic testing.
(See certificates section for all the certificates we use)

With the use of today’s technology we can record test results and print straight from PC to certificate which reduces time which can be directed on other projects within the company.

We also provide a complete and fast portable appliance test which if contracted can save more money each year due to our fast and experienced test engineers with a specially coded labelling system.
Not only do we carry out electrical testing but we test fire alarm systems and escape systems such as emergency lighting.

We also have a lighting designer to create the perfect lighting layout for every installation. 

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