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Commercial Solutions
Commercial Solutions
Due to commercial demands we offer a wide range of electrical work. 
With over fifteen years experience and numerous contracts throughout the UK and Ireland our service is guaranteed with the quality of professionalism and dedication that clients expect. Throughout the years of shop fitting we have finished every contract successfully with various clients and many styles. 

The installations remain of the highest standards even when the schedules are very tight. The ever growing concerns and regulations about safety bring new challenges to our work.  With increasing fire detection and escape lighting we endeavor to keep informed of all new legislation and regulations and forward these onto you our clients.

Office installations account for over 30% of our commercial workload. The demand for a more efficient lighting structure and time controls for energy saving have become our primary target. We offer a full energy management plan and incorporate it into our design at an early stage. 

Emergency lighting is also one of our specialties and when designed at an early stage can also be incorporated into our management system with the facility of a simple test key switch for all battery operated lights, which cuts down on cost and possible risk of missing a light in the event of a test. 

With today’s knowledge of Globel Warming and the requirement for energy efficiency we work closely with clients to bring into practice logic for saving energy and introducing the practicality of alternative energy sources.

This not only benefits the client but accrues to the efficiency of local environment policies.
One of our teams are solely involved with testing and inspecting in all areas, such as emergency lighting, fire alarms, electrical installations and portable appliance testing. With more periodic reports needed from consultants and clients we consider ourselves one of the best for testing.

What cover can we provide?
As a registered contractor we are always aware of the dangers of faults, whether it is appliances or accessories we offer a service called reactive maintenance, which delivers a fast response to any emergency at any time. This is a 24 HOUR service 365 days of the year. 

There is also preplanned maintenance which involves a re-lamping program which increases efficiency and reduces repair costs.

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